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SANGA: Relationship Retreat

The LightHouse in Lindon, Utah

September 29th - October 2nd, 2022

We are so excited to have you join us for our upcoming Relationship Retreat at the LightHouse in Lindon (nestled at the base of the Wasatch Mountains about 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City Airport). This special property is designed energetically and practically as a temple; built to support and facilitate human transformation, healing, creativity, and expansion.

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The Magic of This Event

This exclusive experience is designed to ignite the spark and passion with your lover, to rekindle the fun in your friendship, and break down any walls that are keeping you from the connection you crave. 

Whether you're just beginning your Journey together and want to avoid the common pitfalls and issues that plague so many relationships, or you've been together for decades and are looking to heal from the past and create trust in the future; this retreat will bring you the dedicated time, space and support to help you meet those goals. This retreat covers the key components to a strong and healthy relational foundation that will create open, honest, and loving communication about the things that matter most to you. 

This program began with the data of 700,000 couples and over 70 independent studies, many at major universities throughout the United States. We start by identifying the hidden things that create resistance and distance, and show you the ways that your regular communication is creating your conflicts. We will share the proven ways to eliminate fights and how to create the safe space to hear and be heard. Imagine the change in your quality of life if you had a proven method to tackle any difficult subject and a supportive partner pulling for you and your highest good?


At our Relationship Retreat you will be supported by world class SANGA practitioners taking you through processes designed to decondition the programming that we learned from our past. Relax and find clarity on whats most important to you. Mix in a pampered resort experience and Executive chef, and you've got the setting for a very special transformational week for your relationship upgrade.


Collaborative Communication and Lifestyle Design

  • 7 Dimensions of a Collaborative Relationship Workshop

  • Collaborative Communication Workshop

    • Communication Style​s

    • Behavior and Attitude

    • Non-verbal Communication

  • Identifying Issues

    • Self Reflection and Awareness 

    • Talking Skills for Resolving Issues

    • Understanding The Issue

    • Understanding Each Other

  • Explorative Listening Workshop

    • Listening Styles​

    • Explorative and Attentive Listening Techniques 

    • Listening Process

  • Mapping Issues

    • Handling Issues Together​

    • Identifying and Including Wants

    • Creative & Collaborative Solutions 

    • Making Commitments and Action Plans

  • Shared Purpose and Lifestyle Design

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Curated Community

This is a carefully curated group of amazing couples who inspire, play, learn and grow together. A lot of the magic comes from authentic connection with spectacular people, so come with an open mind and a willingness to go deep. 

Exquisite Cuisine

Delicious organic meals and snacks are prepared onsite by our Chefs, using only the freshest ingredients, locally sourced as possible. The menu has been created with nutrient-dense superfoods, presented with a culinary flair to rival the best restaurants. 

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Self Care Sessions Available

  • Elev8 Sound Healing Experience

  • Massage and Body Work

  • Steam Shower with Aroma Therapy

  • Flower Petal Hot Bath

  • Private Communication Coaching

  • Couples Mediation Session

  • Self Regulation Meditation for diffusing reactive speaking

Retreat Schedule





2:00 PM We will dive into Collaborative Communication. This is a half day workshop that will teach you the skills, tools, and techniques for loving, clear, open, and honest communication. We will also cover relationship power dynamics, hidden or subconscious agreements, and creating equally empowered partners who can ask for what they want and need. 

6:00 PM Dinner

7:30 PM Cacao Ceremony

8:00 AM Breakfast

9:00 AM Identifying Issues and Relationship Dynamics, this workshop is a chance to get clear on your relationship blindspots and understanding common mistakes we all make.

1:00 PM Lunch

2:00 PM Explorative Listening Workshop: learning new techniques and listening styles to understand your partner in a deep and meaningful way. This will allow you to identify issues, understand each other's thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs. Then we will brainstorm new ways of relating to one another. Together, you will create solutions that align with both partner's wants and needs to create an extraordinary relationship and lifestyle. 

6:00 PM Flower Ceremony: Heart Opening and Healing Connection.

             Couple's Private Coaching and Individual Healing Sessions with Sanga Practitioners.

9:00 AM Breakfast


10:00 AM Day four will begin with integration and a group discussion on creating a thriving relationship. This is a chance to connect and get deeper insights from the group.


12:00 PM Lunch

We will have a little time for relaxation and connection time before moving into our intentions for the second Flower Journey Ceremony. The second night will be a deeper dive into your love and connection! This is when we will explore your shared purpose for being together as a couple and what you would like to create in your future together. This is a great time for Q&A.

5:00 PM Couple's Massage Techniques by our Reiki / Massage Trainer.

6:00 PM Flower Ceremony: Shared Purpose and Creation.

             Couple's Private Coaching and Individual Healing Sessions with Sanga Practitioners.

9:00 AM Breakfast


10:00 AM Group integration.


11:00 AM Shared Purpose and Lifestyle Design: We will be wrapping up by using the Collaborative Communication Process to create a vision and plan for how to bring more love and connection forward into your life. 

1:00 PM Hugs and Goodbye!

Transformational Experiences

ELEV8 Platform

SANGA: Personal Transformation Experience

SANGA: The Studio

Research shows that our beliefs and expectations as well as the memories and experiences that we are unconsciously holding onto, direct much of our day-to-day experiences. The SANGA Transformational healing method includes a deep dive into the subconscious mind, body, and energy field to connect you with your infinite potential. This session blends light healing, sound healing and aromatherapy for a personalized journey experience. 

The renowned SANGA Elev8 technology was created to play the body as an instrument, using frequency and vibration to resonate you into bliss. Utilizing bone conduction and sympathetic harmonics via your soft tissue, the Elev8 technology is combined with aromatherapy and visuals to create a shared group experience that activates all of your senses and sounds like you're in musical heaven. The SANGA sound studio is the first in the world of its kind.

Retreat Package and Policies

Here's what's included in this retreat:

  • 4 Days and 3 nights of lodging and organic meals

  • Rooms are private or shared based on availability

  • 7 Dimensions of a Collaborative Relationship 

  • Collaborative Communication Workshops

  • Explorative Listening Workshop

  • 2 Days of Heart Opening Flower Ceremonies

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Private Couple's Coaching/Healing Session

  • Shared Purpose and Lifestyle Design Discussion

  • Collaborative Communication Open Discussion

  • 4 Follow-Up Group Calls

Refund policy:

Up to 60 days prior to the start of the event all monies paid minus $500 are refundable should you cancel. 


Cancellation within 30 days of retreat are fully earned, with no refund provided. You may transfer your retreat registration and monies to a future retreat date for the value you paid for this event.


You may request to have your registration transferred but it is not guaranteed.


If cancellation is implemented by us, we will happily refund all monies paid by you.

This is an alcohol free event and is not permitted onsite or included in the ticket price.

Romantic Couple

Watch Our Free Workshop on Collaborative Relationship Dynamics!

After completing the workshop,
take our Relationship Assessment!

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