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SANGA Training 2023:

Life is your symphony.

Living your highest expression is your masterpiece.

Your energetic signature leaves an imprint on everyone it touches.

The frequency of your soul is your resonance and it becomes your legacy.

Course Materials Provided:

  • SANGA Workbook & Guided Journal Questions 

  • SANGA Student Learning Dashboard & Resource Library

  • SANGA Mastermind Forum and Recorded Calls

  • SANGA Sound and Light Journey Track

  • SANGA Guided Meditation Track for Repatterning

  • The Complete Guide to Sound Healing, textbook

  • The Science of the heart, textbook

  • Meditation Eye Mask

  • Aromatherapy

Weekly Time Commitment:


  • Weekly Learning Modules (20-60 minutes)

    • Journaling & Self Reflection Worksheet

  • Weekly Zoom meeting for discussion and process exploration (2 Hours)​

  • Weekly call with a partner (60-90 minutes during segment 1) 

Tribe Retreats:​

  • SANGA Retreat 3: Resonating & Attuning To Your Soul: September 27- October 1st

    • Energetic Activation: ​Inner Light, Intuition, Soul Frequency

Segment 1: Healing The Inner Landscape & Awakening The True Self

  • February 21st - Kick-off Call!

    • Lesson 1: Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit Concepts; Healing Through Wholeness

    • Lesson 2: Fragmentation, Patterns, and Distortions in Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Energetic Fields

  • ​HEART - Emotions and Feelings

    • Lesson 3: Mother Life Cycle & Relationship to Inner Self

    • Lesson 4: Identifying, Healing, and Releasing Emotional Patterns

    • Lesson 5: Emotional Process

    • Lesson 6: Re-patterning Emotional Imprints & Developing a Healthy Inner Feminine

  • MIND - ​Thoughts, Beliefs, and Perceptions 

    • Lesson 7: Father Life Cycle & Relationship to Outward Self

    • Lesson 8: Using Language to Identify Negative Thought Patterns or Limiting Beliefs

    • Lesson 9: Thought Process

    • Lesson 10: Re-patterning Negative Thoughts and Beliefs & Developing a Healthy Inner Masculine

  • BODY - ​Activating and Understanding The Senses and Sensations

    • Lesson 11: Authentic Self/Adolescent Life Cycle & Relationship to Personal Desires & Expression

    • Lesson 12: Identifying, Healing, and Releasing Experiences Stored in The Body

    • Lesson 13: Somatic Process

    • Lesson 14: Re-Patterning Physical Experiences & Developing Healthy Self Expression

  • SPIRIT - ​Working With The Energetic Field

    • Lesson 15: Adult Life Cycle & Relationship to Higher Self, Gifts, and Purpose

    • Lesson 16: Identifying, Healing, and Releasing Energetic Distortions

    • Lesson 17: Energetic Process

    • Lesson 18: Re-Patterning Energetic Field & Developing a Relationship to Higher Self

Segment 2:  Transformational Experience Design

  • Lesson 19: Environments That Heal - Shifting Your Inner Landscape

  • Lesson 20: Preparing The Container For Your Client

  • Lesson 21: The SANGA Session Outline

  • Lesson 22: The Consciousness of Sound & Music for The Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit 

  • Lesson 23: The Consciousness of Sound & Music Journeys for Transformation

  • Lesson 24: The Consciousness of Light, Visual Trance, and Transcendence

  • Lesson 25: Designing Multi-Sensory Experiences to Create New Emotional & Cellular Memory

  • Lesson 26: Developing a Relationship With Your Healing Tool Kit

  • Lesson 27: Pattern Mapping & Understanding Each Person's Blueprint + HeartMath Assessment

  • Lesson 28: Body Calibration Session & Activating The Sensory System

  • Lesson 29: Turning Transformation Into Embodied Action

  • Lesson 30: Client Program Design & Exploring The Landscape of Conscious Awakening

  • Lesson 31: Preparing Your Case Study

Segment 3: Attuning To Your Soul Purpose & Embodying Your Own Abundance

  • Lesson 32: Creating From Abundance

  • Lesson 33: Embodying Your Own Abundance

  • Week 34: Infinite Possibility and Collective Abundance

  • Case Study & Program Completion


Apply for

Take some time to review the application and answer it thoughtfully. After getting clear on why you'd like to join us for TRANSCENDENCE this year, go ahead and apply!

Once you applying for the program we will review your application and reach out to you to schedule a call with us in person to answer any questions you have and see if SANGA is the right fit for you this year.

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