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Awakening The True Self - Schedule & Weekly Topics

  • March 7, 2023 - May 23, 2023

  • Weekly Meetings Every Tuesday at 5:30pm MST on Zoom

    • Lesson 1: Heart - Mother Life Cycle - Nurturing & Relationship to Inner Experience

    • Lesson 2: Listening To The Heart's Intelligence

    • Lesson 3: Healing and Releasing Emotional Patterns

    • Lesson 4: Creating Emotional Sovereignty & Unconditional Self Love

    • Lesson 5: Mind - Father Life Cycle - Character, Boundaries, and Relationship To Others

    • Lesson 6: Listening To The Mind's Intelligence

    • Lesson 7: Observing Your Beliefs and Thought Patterns

    • Lesson 8: Creating Calm, Peace, and Clarity in Your Mind

    • Lesson 9: Body - Authentic Self Life Cycle - Hobbies, Artistry, Physical Exploration, and Self Expression

    • Lesson 10: Listening To The Body's Intelligence

    • Lesson 11: Trusting Your Body To Guide you

    • Lesson 12: Freedom & Authentic Expression

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Apply for

Take some time to review the application and answer it thoughtfully. After getting clear on why you'd like to join us for AWAKENING this year, go ahead and apply!

Once you've applied for the program we will review your application and reach out to you to schedule a call with us in person to answer any questions you have and see if AWAKENING is the right fit for you this year.

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